How we measure Core Web Vitals — WOW comparison in DataStudio

TL:DR — use a Scorecard to show the past 7 days score and compare to previous 7 days

This is what we’ll aim to end up with.

This is the latest in a series of blogs I’ve done about Core Web Vitals. At this point we’re relying on you having data coming into DataStudio from Google Analytics (via Google Sheets to avoid sampling) and you’ve already added the p75 field to your data set in DataStudio.

Insert > Scorecard

We’re going to set the data up with our Metric being our p75 value.

The Default date range is going to be Custom (set it to last 7 days (not including today)).

Set the Comparison date range to be Previous Period

In the Style section we set the Comparison Metric colours to be red for up and green for down (lower the better with our CWV metrics).

You should have something like

Now add some text boxes around it to give whatever context you like!